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Security Issues for 2005


Just to let you know the new ruling for RSA and Security work for 2005.

Earlier this week a meeting was held between ASIAL members and the Dept of Gaming re: this issue. There are currently 10,000 guards who do not hold an RSA at this point. To ensure that all guards comply with the legislation, the deadline for obtaining an RSA has been extended to 1 March 2005.

Details can be found here.
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Urgent Security Door-work available for one week.

Club 77 is in URGENT need of 1 door/interior guard for Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week.

Hours: Monday 6pm-10pm; Wed-Fri 10pm-6am.

Amount: $150 flat rate - all inclusive. Working under my Masters License.

After this week fourther opportunities may exist.

Please let me know if:
a) You can do it
b) You know someone TRUSTWORTHY who can assist.

Thank you.
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Club and Dance Party Drug Course

A new free training course will give you skills and knowledge in preventing and responding to emergencies that can result from alcohol and drug use, and how to recognise the signs and symptons of overdoes. You will also gain a nationally recognised CPR Certificate.

This six-hour training session is proudly brought to you by the Australian Red Cross Save-A-Mate (SAM) Program, ACON and the Surry Hills Community Drug Action Team.
Lunch is included free.
Please call Detlev on 9206 2081 to book your place in this course. Places are limited so don't delay,

Save a Mate Training
Saturday 18th Sept 10am-4pm
9 Commonwealth ST
Surry Hills (behind Kinkos)

There may be a new date for a second course, but that is to be announced... call Detlev for more details.

Remember... it's FREE
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Further details regarding the new NSW Security Guard requirements

(Taken from the ASIAL update, August 31, 2004)

Responsible service of alcohol training for security offices in licensed venues -

* Liquor Amendment (Security Personnel) Regulation 2004
* Registered Clubs Amendment (Security Personnel) Regulation 2004
* Casino Control Amendment (Security Personnel) Regulation 2004
Recommendations made at the Government's Summit on Alocohol Abuse held in August 2003 identified the need for security officers working at licensed venues to be trained in the responsible service of alcohol (RSA).

Under new Regulations (above), security officers engaged by licensed venues who perform crowd control or bouncer activities must have completed Liquor Administration Board-approved RSA training from 1 January 2005.

From this date, a licensee or club secretary will be guilty of an offence if they engage security officers who do not posess Board-approved RSA qualifications. An employee will also be guilty of an offence if that person undertakes security work in a licensed venue without holding Board-approved RSA training qualifications.

For more information (including Liquor Administration Board approved Licensees' and RSA course providers) go here

I MUST add, that this especially applies to anyone working with Friends Of Science Fiction at Dooleys Catholic Workman's Club, Lidcombe; as well as any work where you (as part of your duties) you would need to enter any licensed venue or area (eg: Sleaze Ball, Mardi Gras, CPP work). If you want, I will arrange a day course for all concerned. Prices vary but should be one Saturday for about $100 (claimable on Tax).
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NSW Security Guard training update....

All Class 1ABC Guards who work on or in any licensed premises (including doorwork) must now complete an RSA by January 1st, 2005.

If, by January 1, 2005 they do not hold an RSA, the individual guard (if found working on/in such premises) will be fined $1,500 AUD per instance (repeated offenses will incur loss of license) and the employer AND venue (which hire the guard/s) will incur a $5,500 fine per guard, per instance.

Therefore I seriously suggest contacting Richard (was of the Century Tavern, now working at The Great Southern) and checking when the AHA runs RSA courses.

I know that by December 2004, I will be ensuring that any guards who work with/for me in such areas/capacity holds such a certification.
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