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Further details regarding the new NSW Security Guard requirements

(Taken from the ASIAL update, August 31, 2004)

Responsible service of alcohol training for security offices in licensed venues -

* Liquor Amendment (Security Personnel) Regulation 2004
* Registered Clubs Amendment (Security Personnel) Regulation 2004
* Casino Control Amendment (Security Personnel) Regulation 2004
Recommendations made at the Government's Summit on Alocohol Abuse held in August 2003 identified the need for security officers working at licensed venues to be trained in the responsible service of alcohol (RSA).

Under new Regulations (above), security officers engaged by licensed venues who perform crowd control or bouncer activities must have completed Liquor Administration Board-approved RSA training from 1 January 2005.

From this date, a licensee or club secretary will be guilty of an offence if they engage security officers who do not posess Board-approved RSA qualifications. An employee will also be guilty of an offence if that person undertakes security work in a licensed venue without holding Board-approved RSA training qualifications.

For more information (including Liquor Administration Board approved Licensees' and RSA course providers) go here

I MUST add, that this especially applies to anyone working with Friends Of Science Fiction at Dooleys Catholic Workman's Club, Lidcombe; as well as any work where you (as part of your duties) you would need to enter any licensed venue or area (eg: Sleaze Ball, Mardi Gras, CPP work). If you want, I will arrange a day course for all concerned. Prices vary but should be one Saturday for about $100 (claimable on Tax).
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